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ALL conventional buses are now fully accessible. Accessible features on conventional buses are identified by the international symbol of access and ramp and kneel decals by the front door.


Kneeling feature lowers the bus level with the curb for easy access. Fold out ramp deploys at front doors. Yellow Stanchion bars with yellow markings on floor. Push button bells on stantion bars. Fold up seating to accommodate a passenger in a wheelchair or scooter. Accessible securing devices on floor. Automated stop announcement system with video and audio.


To download the Paratransit System Application Form click on the download symbol:
Thousands of people choose to ride St. Catharines Transit every day. By doing so, they are able to do the things they enjoy most, like visiting the library or volunteering. St. Catharines Transit has introduced accessible bus routes, which enable those individuals with mobility challenges to easily board a ‘low floor’ transit bus. The buses assigned to these routes are equipped with a ramp, instead of stairs at the front door, as well as tie-down spots for up to two wheelchairs. Simply make your way to a bus stop along any of the accessible routes and the Bus Operator will open the ramp for you… it’s that easy!

 The PARATRANSIT SYSTEM is an extension of the conventional city buses. It is a specialized transportation service operated to assist persons with mobility difficulties who cannot board a regular city bus.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: You are a physically disabled resident of St. Catharines whose mobility problems ( conditional or unconditional ) prevent or severely inhibit you from walking 175 metres.

An application form must be filled out with a Health Care Professional answering the medical questions. You may pick one up at the downtown bus terminal or the St.Catharines Transit Commission Office or call Paratransit at (905) 685 – 9844 to have one mailed to you.

St Catharines Paratransit Brochure

Paratransit Application Form

Support Person Pass Application Form

2013 – 2018 Accessibility Plan

2016 Accessibility Plan Status Report

Accessible Customer Service Policy

Integrated Accessibility Standards Policy


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