Pen Centre Construction Detour – Route 310/410

Beginning Monday January 8, 2018 the Outbound 310 / 410 Glenridge Pen Centre will detour due to the construction of the new Walmart in the Pen Centre. The entrance that we use to get into the Pen Centre parking lot will be closed to allow for the construction.

Passengers living in the area of Glen Morris and Jocobsen that require to head towards the Pen Centre are asked to walk out to Glenridge Avenue and board the bus in front of Belton Blvd, or catch the inbound route to the Bus Terminal where you can board a Pen Centre bus. We are sorry for any inconvenience this detour may cause.

The detour will be as follows:

Outbound buses will bypass Glen Morris Drive and travel Glenridge up to Glendale and into the Pen Centre where this bus will resume its regular routing of route 320 Thorold Pen Centre.

Inbound buses will use a slightly different  routing out of the Pen Centre parking lot and will service all regular inbound bus stops.

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