Fares & Info

Please call 905-687-5555 for St. Catharines Transit information and lost & found.

FARE Prepaid Ride Cards Cash
Adults 10 ride card for $26.00 $2.75
Seniors 10 ride card for $20.00 $2.75
Secondary & Elementary Students 10 ride card for $22.50
Secondary Students $2.75
Elementary Students – age 6 to grade 8 $2.25

31 day passes are available in a number of different categories. They allow 31 days of consecutive unlimited use of services from first day activation. All passes are Non-Transferable and Non-Refundable. Proper Identification can be requested at time of purchase or at time of boarding. Lost or stolen passes ARE NOT replaced or refunded.

The following pass prices are subject to change:

Transit Pass Price
Weekend One Day All Day Family Pass $7.00/day
Adult Pass (ages 64 and under) $90.00/month
Senior Pass (Adults 65+) $55.00/month
'Semester' Pass MAY – AUGUST* $290.00/4 months
Secondary Student Pass $60.00/month

*Semester valid for post-secondary students ONLY

31 Day passes are eligible for the Government of Canada Public Transit Tax Credit.

Fares: St.Catharines Transit operates on an exact fare system. Our Operators do not carry ride cards or change. Children 5 and under ride FREE. Must be accompanied by a fare paying adult. Maximum of 4 children per adult.


DOWNTOWN TERMINAL: 70 Carlisle St. between King & St. Paul
Cash or Debit may be used to purchase 10 ride cards or 31 day passes at the Downtown Terminal.

Day Hours of purchase
Monday to Friday. 7:00am – 7:30pm
Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday & Holidays 10:00am – 4:00pm

Cash, Debit or (cheque with proper ID required) only at the Administration Office at 2012 First Street Louth. Hours of purchase: Monday to Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm

Note: You may be requested to show some sort of current proper identification at time of purchasing any type of fare media or at time of boarding.

Click here for a list of Transit Ride Card Sales Locations.

Secondary School and Continued Education: Current Photo – ID issued by your educational institution or a St. Catharines Transit Continuing Education or Secondary School Authorization form may be requested at time of boarding and at time of purchase. Talk with your school official to get a form.

All 31 day passes are only available to be purchased at:

  • Downtown Transit Terminal (Ticket Office)
  • St. Catharines Transit Commission Office, 2012 First St. Louth

Stop Request

In the evening, if you wish to exit at a location other than a regular bus stop, simply speak with your bus Operator a block before you wish to get off the bus, and they will let you off as close to your request as is safely possible. It’s that easy!

Traveling to Welland or Niagara Falls

Take your St. Catharines Transit bus and make connections at Brock University or Niagara College Glendale Campus to Welland Transit or Niagara Transit: St.Catharines Transit passengers wanting to go to Welland or Niagara Falls. Use a St.Catharines Transit bus pass, single ride from your ride card or $2.75 cash fare and for an additional $1.50 in the St. Catharines Transit fare box you will get a transfer from the driver saying hub 7,8. which is then given to the next driver at the Brock University Hub or Niagara College Glendale Campus Hub. Return fares vary slightly depending on which city. For arrival / departure times and return fare information please refer to the Niagara Transit and Welland Transit website. This policy applies when taking direct routes from St Catharines to Welland from the St Catharines Transit bus terminal or the Welland Campus of Niagara College.

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