Port Weller East Side Service

Regular Service Procedure for PORT WELLER EAST

This service is operated on our behalf by 5-0 taxi. This is an East Side Port Weller Service ONLY: This is a full week service ONLY during St. Catharines Transit hours of service. The operating boundaries for this service are east side of canal at Lock 1, north of Lakeshore road over to Keefer Road.

Going to Port Weller East Side

You must call 5-0 taxi at 905-685-5464 and let them know you will be traveling on our bus and give 5-0 taxi the approximate time you will arrive at Niagara and Parnell – Lion’s Park on Niagara Street. 5-0 taxi will meet you at this stop to take you to Port Weller East. Please give 5-0 taxi one hour notice for your pickup.

If you are using a bus you may take route 9, 109, 8, 108 or route 7 to Niagara and Parnell – Lion’s Park. Get off the bus and wait for the 5-0 taxi you called to pick you up.

When boarding the taxi a 31 day pass, ride card, cash or transfer must be paid to the 5-0 taxi driver. If you paid with cash or ride card please use the transfer from your bus driver to give to the taxi driver. If you used a 31 day pass show this to your taxi driver so the taxi driver can record the type of 31 day pass and the pass number. Passenger will be requested to sign a slip for the taxi driver verifying ride.

Port Weller East Side to Niagara & Parnell bus stop

You must call 5-0 taxi at 905-685-5464 and let them know the time and address you wish to be picked up. You must give 5-0 taxi one hour notice for pick up.

When 5-0 taxi arrives to pick you up do not give your fare to the taxi driver. Pay your fare when you board the St. Catharines Transit bus. The taxi driver will ask you what type of fare you will be using when you board the bus either a 31 day Pass, ride card, or cash. The taxi driver must record this information. If a 31 day pass or ride card is used, the type of pass and number must also be recorded by the taxi driver.

Passenger will be requested to sign a slip verifying their ride.

For all your transit information please call our transit information line at 905-687-5555.

Last updated on: March 7, 2013 @ 1:41 pm
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