Real Time Information

St Catharines Transit is pleased to introduce you to real time bus information. The system works with GPS technology and allows St Catharines Transit to pinpoint each vehicle’s location. This means we can provide you with real-time departure information.

Go to our St. Catharines Transit App page and download our official APP. Available on IPhone and on Android Smartphones.


 All bus stops have a unique four digit or three letter sticker that passengers can use to obtain real time information from our real time website, WHERE IS YOUR BUS. The bus stop numbers should be on a sticker on the bottom right hand corner of the bus target or on a sticker above the entrance to a bus shelter. You can also find your stop number by looking it up on the WHERE IS YOUR BUS real time website. Once you find your bus stop number keep a list of your favorite stops for future reference.


From any computer, tablet or Smart Phone, type and click on the link for WHERE IS YOUR BUS. Once this page is open you can choose to get bus stop arrival information or view the real time map. By clicking on the bus stop arrival information you can then type in your stop number and the system will let you know when your bus will arrive. If you do not know your bus stop number, choose your route, direction and stop description in the drop down boxes. You can then record your bus stop number for future reference.avl1

You can also create an account and set up alerts. Each alert you set up will send you next bus information based upon the specific criteria you input. For example, if you want to see the departure times for the stop outside your work everyday at 4:00pm., the system will automatically send it every day at 4:00pm. Just select your stop, the time you want the alert to arrive, and check if you want it to come via email and/or text message. You can go in any time to add, delete or edit your alerts.

(your phone’s standard text and data charges may apply).


You can also call our information line at 905-687-5555 and get information from our professional customer service representatives.


Last updated on: January 16, 2015 @ 8:44 am