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Your Brock U-Pass will be valid from September 1, 2017 until April 30, 2018. You can obtain your U-Pass sticker from B.U.S.U from September 5, 2017 up until September 22, 2017 after that a fare will need to be paid unless a valid sticker is on your student ID.

Your Brock University ID and U-Pass are non-transferable, any violations will be turned over to Brock Security, or BUSU and treated as fraud.

This page is provided to give Brock Students information on the routes servicing the University and surrounding areas, click on the links for each route to see the new time tables. All of these timetables and maps as well as the entire St Catharines Transit system are available on your cell phones, tablets and computers through our website. Should you require one of our Riders Guides please pick one up from the bus terminal.

Be sure to check our website often for information on routes for detours road closures or other important information.

Download the St Catharines Transit APP which is available for IPhone or Android smartphones, click here for more information! Be sure to set up your APP to receive Push Notifications on your routes for important route information and promotions.

Looking for your bus, check out our real-time information system WHERE IS YOUR BUS . This system will allow you to know exactly what time your bus will arrive at your stop. This system uses GPS technology, for more information check out the Real Time Information page on this website.

We hope you have a great school year.

stay on the bus

*Please NOTE this map takes effect on Sunday September 3, 2017.

Important reminder: Your 17/18 U-Pass is valid during Fall & Winter semesters only. Please be reminded as of APRIL 30, 2018 YOUR BROCK U-PASS EXPIRES. For the summer Brock students must purchase a: New Monthly Pass, Semester Pass, Use Cash or Ride Card.

St. Catharines Transit is proud to be your transportation experts for the 2017 – 2018 school year. Go to the BUSU office for information on how to pick up your U-Pass 17/18 bus transportation sticker. You must have your  U-Pass 17/18 sticker on your Brock University photo I.D. card by Friday SEPTEMBER 22, 2017. After this date a $3 cash fare, ride card or valid transit pass will be required to board a St. Catharines Transit bus. Your Brock ID and U-pass are non-transferable, any violations will be handed over to Brock Security and treat as fraud.

Last updated on: December 28, 2017 @ 10:14 am
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