304 Oakdale – Pen Centre (Table Version)


Downtown Terminal Westchester and Oakdale Merritt and Oakdale Pen Centre
7:00am 7:07am 7:12am 7:20am
7:30am 7:37am 7:42am 7:50am
and every 30 minutes until
6:00pm 6:07pm 6:12pm 6:20pm

This bus will park on platform O at the downtown terminal.


Pen Centre Merritt and Oakdale Westchester and Oakdale Downtown Terminal
6:35am 6:39am 6:43am 6:54am
7:05am 7:13am 7:18am 7:24am
7:35am 7:43am 7:48am 7:54am
8:05am 8:13am 8:18am 8:24am
and every 30 minutes until
6:35pm 6:43pm 6:48pm 6:54pm
See Route 404 for Evening & Weekend Service
Last updated on: September 1, 2017 @ 10:55 am
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